Our Carbon Neutral Shipping - Cloverly

Zabr is a proud Cloverly partner, which provides carbon offsets to our shipping operations. The offset is based on the size of the order, destination, and nearest Cloverly project. For every order, carbon emissions are used to transport the package from us to you. Cloverly calculates the carbon that would be emitted in travel and immediately offsets that amount through different projects. The easiest way to think of an offset is that Cloverly will plant a tree, or conserve a body of water that in turn collects carbon dioxide and gives back oxygen, therefore offsetting the carbon used to deliver your package. 

Since we are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, many of our local buyers offsets go to the McCloud River Conservation Management Project.

The snowpack from Mount Shasta feeds into the McCloud River, a 77-mile stream that tumbles over boulders at the southern end of the Cascades Range. It is a wild trout fishery with several waterfalls. The Cloverly offset project involves 2 forest tracts near the river, totaling 9,200 acres, which specializes in sustainable timberland management. The timber of mixed native conifers with a wide range of tree ages and no nonnative species. The stream McCloud River will remain wild, scenic, and beloved by both trout and people.