Charity of the Month: February '22

The charity for February 2022 is Save California Salmon. Salmon live in numerous rivers across California including the Klamath River, Shasta River, Trinity River, Salmon River, and Eel River. In each of these rivers, dams and corporations have damaged the fish passages to navigate upstream and spawn. Save California Salmon is led by Chief Caleen Sisk, who is the Chief of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe which has cultural and religious ties with the water and land. She advocates for California salmon restoration, and creating healthy, undammed watersheds and the human right to water.  

By donating to Save California Salmon, you are not only helping preserve our beautiful native salmon population, but also supporting the Native tribes of the Winnemem Wintu, Karuk and Yurok. At Zabr, we are proud fish lovers and even more enthusiastic about our local Chinook Salmon, and would hate to see them gone!

Zabr is a virtue.

Love Your Rivers/Ocean Week