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Our bamboo brushes are made with sustainable high quality bamboo with a promise to rejuvenate our beautiful forests.

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Finished Bamboo with Soft Bristles

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About Us

We hated the feeling of using a toothbrush for a few months and throwing it to the landfill to sit for the next 1000 years.

We wanted something that represented not only our identities, but our mission. Doing some research about our home countries, we shorthanded a forest that crosses the Kashmir region between India and Pakistan, the Zabarwan Range, to Zabr. Sabr. Suh-burr. The word for Patience in both Punjabi and Urdu—which would be greatly representative of our mission. Patience is what it will take to restore our beautiful planet to a better state than it has been brought to.

Our goal is to be as sustainable as possible and give back more than we take to preserve our earth. You can follow our efforts through our blogs on this site which will share some sustainability tips and tricks, donations we’ve made, and highlights of charities that we will be working with. Zabr is a virtue.

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